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Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

101 Handy Hints for a Happy HysterectomyBuy the Paperback Version – £7.00 (+ p&p)

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“My surgery was totally unexpected and done on an emergency basis. I had no time to research what to expect. A friend brought a copy of your 101 Hints shortly after and it was extremely helpful and reassuring.” Daline

This invaluable book provides all the essential practical information, tips and advice that will help to make your hysterectomy a happy one. Perfect, whether you are waiting for a date or have already had your surgery, it removes many of the worries we have as we recover simply and easily.

It has masses of information, hints and tips on a huge number of subjects like:

  • advice and suggestions to help make your recovery quicker and easier
  • practical tips to help you cope with each stage of recovery
  • when to think about driving, flying and getting back to work
  • what you should, and shouldn’t be doing at any given time
  • fantastic, healthy recipes for healing the body and managing the menopause
  • many complementary therapies, supplements and remedies you can try which have been shown to help your body heal itself
  • what you can do to help ensure your long term health
  • what to take into hospital with you

There is even more information on deciding whether to take HRT or not; how to decide whether you should have your ovaries and cervix removed; the various exercises you can do at different stages; dealing with the more embarrassing aspects of surgery like painful wind; coping with the boredom of recovery and generally getting your life back to normal.

Get Your FREE Hysterectomy Booklet plus Daily Hints and Tips

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